INTRODUCING: A new meal prep service with healthly, balanced, great tasting meals!
Lose Weight WITHOUT Having to cook
AND While Still Eating Your Favorite Foods (Yes, Even Donuts!)
8 Week Meal Prep Program
$168 PER Week
22/30 spots available

BONUS: Get your first month's worth of vitamins and balanced shake ingredients (you'll love this chocolatey snack between meals) for free! 

Don't forget: We’ve taken your favorite meals and made them healthy!

Those donuts you love in the morning? We’ve given them a healthy spin so they now have the perfect amount of proteins, carbs, and fats.  We’ve even given dinner and lunch a balanced twist so you can now enjoy family favorites like meatloaf, tacos, and mac & cheese without feeling guilty.

So don't miss your chance to finally hit your weight loss goal in a healthy, balanced, and tasty way!  We have limited spots available so fill out our application and we'll be in touch!
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TNT Health and Fitness are your go-to health & fitness professionals in Cape Girardeau.  With their balanced, healthy, and delicious approach to meal prep, they are helping clients approach weight loss in a way that they can maintain for life (without having to sacrifice delicious tasting food to reach their goals!)
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