We have 3 steps to understanding the cause of your pain...
Muscle tension is a major cause of most joint pain.  You need to know the basics before you can understand how it's causing your pain!
We'll explain how muscle tension plays a leading role in the story of your shoulder pain, using one of the more common examples we see with our clients. 
Our one-of-a-kind assessment shows us exactly which muscles are imbalanced/weak. We use that to create a game plan to eliminate your pain for good!
Step 1: Understanding Muscle Tension
Check out this video for further explanation as to how muscle tension works throughout the body!
What is 'Muscle Tension'?
Your joint is a lot like that wiffle ball in the video--its position is completely at the mercy of the bands (muscles) that pull on either side of it.  

When one muscle is stronger or tighter than the other, the joint is pulled in the direction of the stronger muscle, taking it out of it's proper position. In a perfect world, we would see all of the muscles pulling with the same strength and tightness to hold your joint in place.  But sadly, we don't live in a perfect world and aren't nearly as active as we once were, causing all kinds of tightness and muscle imbalance. And that's where the pain you're feeling comes in!  

Check out Step 2 for a shoulder pain specific example!
Step 2: Muscle Tension and Your Shoulder Pain
How does muscle tension play a part in my shoulder pain?
When it comes to shoulder pain, there are a lot of variables to consider.  There are multiple muscle groups and various ways that your joint can pivot in place, causing pain. 

In this video we tried to simplify that for you, using only 4 of the major muscles groups involved in the shoulder area. That said, this example is a common cause of shoulder pain that we see in our clients on a daily basis.

Like we mentioned in the last video, you can find short term relief for your pain by doing something as simple as stretching those tighter muscles 2-3x a day.  But that alone won't nip your problem in the bud--seeing as that muscle will snap right back into place after a few hours' time.

Now you've got a choice...You can continue to stretch those tight muscles and rely on short-term relief forever OR you can hop over to Step 3 and see how we create a plan to bring you relief for the long haul!
Step 3: Get Assessed and Create a Plan
If you think you've got shoulder pain that is beyond help, then we're up for the challenge!
How does TNT's assessment pinpoint the cause of your pain?
By measuring the strength of all of the major muscle groups throughout your body, we're able to create a report that tells us exactly which muscles are imbalanced or tight (or a little bit of both) and are to blame for your shoulder pain. We use the results from this assessment to create workouts specifically for you that will put your body back into balance and eliminate your pain once and for all.
If you think you've got shoulder pain that is beyond help, then we're up for the challenge!
Does TNT give me a review of the results?
Well of course! The next time you come in we'll sit down with you and review every detail of your results with you. Just like in the video, we'll go over: 

-Any weak or tight areas that may be contributing to your current shoulder pain as well as other aches and pains.
-The areas we'll need to work on to prevent any future injuries.
-The main muscle groups we'll be focusing on in all of your workouts for the next month.
How does TNT use this to create my workouts?
Most people assume that trainers just pick exercises at random in an effort to make it challenging to everyone, but that's not what we do here at TNT! We use the results from your assessment to hand pick exercises that will help strengthen the muscle groups that are lagging behind.

Our workouts follow a 3x3x3 template and we use active rest to keep you constantly moving throughout the duration of your 30 minute workout. It may not sound like a long time to workout, but we promise we'll have you pouring sweat by the end of it! 
What do our trainers look for during a workout?
Proper form is key when it comes to our workouts. Our trainers are keeping a keen eye on you as you workout to make sure that the intended muscle groups are being used. It's all about making sure that you aren't compensating for your weakness in one area by letting one of the stronger muscle groups lend a helping hand.

Check out this video to see exactly how our trainers make sure you're knocking out your exercises correctly!
We are ready to help you kick your back pain once and for all! Come in for a FREE 4 Day Pain Evaluation to see exactly how we'll help you be pain free and active again!
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