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Whether you have joint pain, a weight loss goal, chronic medical conditions, or simply need help with nutrition, our 3 Free Sessions will create a game plan to get you to your goal!
  • Includes our full fitness assessment to gauge your starting point and predict potential injuries
  • Get workouts that are completely personalized to you
  • Learn how we break down nutrition and get our recommendations for your own dinner plate
Watch the video above to see what is included in each free session!
Hear More of Our Transform 200 Success Stories...
"In the first 7 months when I started working with them I lost 130 lbs.  I was just tired of being overweight...I've tried many, many programs before and none of them worked, but this one worked great.

Now my knees don't hurt at all.  My feet don't back doesn't hurt...I may live a little longer now that I'm not way overweight and I'm sure my arteries are appreciative."

-Toby Z, Perryville
"I started my relationship with TNT in 2014.  Walking into a gym I had all those feelings of 'I don't know what to do,' 'What will it be like?'...but it was just such a comfortable feeling.

With nutrition, I didn't want to be the person at the table always eating a salad.  I want to enjoy my potatoes, and bread, and meat...and this was a way I could do that."

-Laurel A, Cape Girardeau
3 Free Sessions
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